Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Naylor, Terry D. 57Stow, Ohio05/21/2013
Schmitt, David 57Stow, OH07/30/2013
Naylor, Terry 57Stow, OH05/21/2013
Huss, Dawn C. 57Stow, OH10/25/2014
George, John Stewart "Stu" 57Bay Village, OH05/02/2015
Anderson, Donald K 56Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio01/05/2002
Babarick, Donna J [Thomas]Dan Babarick56Akron, Ohio06/25/1993
Morris, Kim I.Ann 5608/11/2009
Carman, Charles JerryPatsy 5607/25/1995
Curry, Caryn Ann 5607/07/2007
Beckley, Robert Jr. D.Mary L. Escareno56Arizona11/22/2008
Epling, Alice J. [Trego]George Epling5605/13/1991
Frederick, Robert "Bill" W.Judith 5607/08/1995
Freilino, Rosetta L. [Brooks] 5601/01/1998
Gerber, clyde June 56Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio05/16/1972
Goff, Robert A. 5601/27/2005
Gott, Phyllis F. [Engel] 5607/27/2000
Hickey, Rudy C.Barbara Pappano5601/17/2005
Hickin, Hung Cha "Cindy" Michael Hickin5606/22/2003
Hill, Virginia "Ginger" D. 5605/21/1992