Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Gallaway, Virginia F. [Finley]George W. Gallaway85Stow, Ohio01/01/1997
Brown, John P 2812/29/1996
Brown, Maximillian K 1412/29/1996
Curry, Mary A.William Curry7112/28/1996
Hess, Charles Kathleen Mumper7512/25/1996
Martin, Dale S.Sarah 7112/25/1996
Taylor, Ben H.Elizabeth 8512/25/1996
Wilhite, Raymond E.April 7412/22/1996
Savage, Tara 21London, Ohio12/21/1996
Bradley, Lucille G [Effland]J. Arnold Bradley89Ripley, West Virginia12/16/1996
Halliwill, Mary P.Eugene C. Halliwill8612/16/1996
Babb, Kathleen A 9412/15/1996
Wyle, Jessie H.James R. Wyle9212/12/1996
Miller, Clarence E.Betty marie 7912/11/1996
Meador, Luella [Millner]Charles L. Meador8512/10/1996
Recktenwald, Joseph Sr. Mary 8712/10/1996
Graf, William "Red" G. 6612/09/1996
Klett, Harold F.Virginia 7912/08/1996
Radcliff, Virgie L. [Wyatt]Harry Radcliff8812/07/1996
Petrosky, Steve Sr. Elizabeth "Liz" 8012/04/1996