Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Patterson, Blanche D. 9208/02/1994
Tonachio, Kathleen M. [Luecke]William Tonachio4508/02/1994
Morris, William AnthonyRosemarie 2707/31/1994
Clark, Earl Sr. Gertrude (1) Doris (2) 8707/29/1994
Moore, Don PaulIrene Anne 7107/28/1994
Dolson, William C.Mary Lou 3407/20/1994
Savage, Glenn "Bud" II E.Suzanne Muckler4507/15/1994
Simko, Anna M.Andrew A. Simko8607/14/1994
Hayes, Ollie Vickie [Livingston]George H. Hayesna07/04/1994
Sharp, Ruth E.Clyde E. Sharp6607/04/1994
Costigan, Shirley Ann [Gorgon]J. Patrick Costigan4807/02/1994
Tuttle, O. ClydeDorothy 6007/01/1994
Cockerham, Avery LeeGrace M. 8906/19/1994
Coleman, Paul Barbara Eppley68Albuquerque, New Meixco06/16/1994
Thayer, Ronald N.Mary L. 5306/14/1994
Worcester, Anna "Louise" [Cox]Howard Worcester6806/10/1994
Miller, Vivian George H. (1) Charles P. (2) Sarff (1) Miller (2)9406/06/1994
Drake, Raleigh MoselyElma naSarasota, Florida06/04/1994
Laurella, Michael A.Irene 8105/30/1994
Rittenhouse, Ann M.Duane Rittenhouse7805/29/1994