Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Young, Ruth GenevieveDawson Young7204/05/1992
Riddle, Mildred I. [Crane]Virgil J. Riddle7104/04/1992
Conley, Lawrence ATheresa 8604/02/1992
Mantell, Richard J.Louise 5704/02/1992
Voth, Albert H.Jeanette 8404/02/1992
Micucci, Vincent Sr. J.Louise 8504/01/1992
Graves, Ethel M. [Brake]Clyde V. Graves9003/27/1992
Chatman, Lester LJosephine C 7103/25/1992
Beckwith, Nancy S [Martin]William J Beckwith41Flushing Bay, New York03/22/1992
Beckwith, William JNancy S Martin48Flushing Bay, New York03/22/1992
Scafido, Joseph Margaret M. 7003/19/1992
Hofling, Margaret A. 6703/16/1992
Wagner, Mdelene T.Harold P. Wagner6803/15/1992
Propst, Dewey "Judge" 7003/12/1992
Lee, Shirley Ann [Dalton]Charles E. Lee4203/09/1992
Gabel, Rhoda C. [Carper]Herman Gabel9603/04/1992
Weber, Charlotte I. 6303/03/1992
Holley, Walter D.Marie 9202/25/1992
Cady, Patsy RJohn Cady5902/24/1992
Hoy, William "Bob" R.Patricia 7202/23/1992