Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Scott, Ronald S.Laurie ScottnaStow, OH06/01/2016
Scott-McKee, Mary Ellen [Scott]Lester McKee88Stow, Ohio07/21/2012
Seal, Sheila Marie [Cahill]J. David Seal71Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio02/11/2013
Sears, Richard R.Jean 7705/23/2004
Seaver, Carol Jean [Balcom]James W. Seaver7412/23/2011
Seaver, Lois 64Stow, OH04/26/2014
Seaver Jr., James W.Tracy Seaver46Stow, Ohio09/21/2012
Secrest, Edsel Dorothy 7903/03/2007
Secrest, Dorothy [Hill]Edsel Secrest85Stow09/22/2016
Seeds, Lewis R. 8104/12/2000
Seel, Anna heleneCarl Seel10311/04/2001
Seese, Frieda L. 7607/29/1995
Seese, Genevieve A.Marvin Seese8603/13/2002
Seese, John G. 59Tallmadge, Ohio01/12/2017
Seevers, Nadine Patrick 8406/13/2014
Segin, Melda "Doney" I. [Frink]Lewis Segin8304/09/2006
Segin, Lewis Melda I. (Dotson) Segin86Akron, Ohio09/30/2014
Segner, Charles Sr. R.Elizabeth 8007/29/1995
Segner, Elizabeth J.Charles Sr. Segner7408/28/1992
Seguin, Edward Sr. Dorothy 6801/01/1995