Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Ports, Neal A.Mary Lynne 4611/23/1994
Oliver, Betty J.Louis C. Oliver7911/21/1994
Wolfe, James M.Alma 7011/17/1994
McQuown, Dorothy M. 8611/16/1994
Smith, Alvey L.Phyllis V. 8011/16/1994
Porter, Jerry L.Frances 6511/12/1994
Waldron, Donna E. [Damore]David A. Waldron4411/11/1994
Gourley, Mary T.Henry J. Gourley7211/10/1994
Witner, Roberta "Betty" [Hill]Howard Witner77Chattanooga, Tennessee11/10/1994
Luther, Mary F.Clarence "Babe" Luther8311/04/1994
Sumwalt, Carolyn Jean [Hicks]Donald R. Sumwalt6811/01/1994
Underwood, Thelma A. [Underwood] 8411/01/1994
Smith, Dorothy Martin Smith8410/31/1994
Cahill, Frank Sr. WCindy Boone5210/28/1994
Sloop, Harold Pauline A. 9010/19/1994
Ferring, William Jr. A.Joyce 6410/16/1994
O'shea, Thomas L.Rita Mae 7510/15/1994
Carlson, Lottie Henry E Carlson9010/14/1994
Slomovitz, Lawrence B.Lisa Rozen37Cleveland, Ohio10/12/1994
Griffith, Charles EliasClara 7610/11/1994