Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Trail, Ralph Mary Joe 64Stow, Ohio04/22/2000
Travis, Edward H.Joan E. 7005/21/2010
Traxler, Alice LouiseEugene Traxler9303/15/2007
Traxler, Eugene R.Louise 8909/06/2001
Treadgold, June [Whiteman]Galen "Ted" Treadgold79Copley, Ohio11/05/2002
Treap, Donald F.Gertrude 9204/11/1995
Trego, Dennis J.Barbara 6907/06/2001
Trego, Russell DeanJean A. 7912/06/1999
Tresh, Joseph H.Margare 8110/28/2004
Trevorrow, Mark ScottLinda 4708/07/2004
Trier, Bruce A.Ruth na07/15/1993
Triplett, Gladys E.Preston Triplett9012/24/1997
Trivelli, Mary L. [Williams]Henry "Hank" Trivelli7207/19/2009
Trostle, Charles N.Mary Ann 6205/01/2005
Troyer, Dorothea [Viall]Thomas F. Troyer8910/20/2003
Troyer, Robert DanielMary Jane Bloom81Stow, Ohio02/04/2009
Troyer, Thomas F.Dorothea 9402/07/2004
Truby, Shirley [Winchester]Nelson paul Truby6601/08/2003
Tucker, Alfred W.Mary E. Gray86Miamisburg, Ohio09/25/2001
Tucker, Mary E. [Gray]Alfred W. Tucker81Dayton, Ohio09/19/1998