Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Bowser, Ruth H [Hiller]Wesley Bowser8006/05/1998
Bowman, Bonita L. [Goff]Walter Bowman8511/27/2008
Bowes, Nora Irene [Stricklen]Sterling W Bowes7508/30/2002
Bowers, Bernard LMary Lou 6307/15/1990
Bowers, Mary Lou [Kitchen]Bernard L Bowers7110/22/2001
Bowen, Timothy FDee 5907/31/2007
Boveington, George WilliamRuth 7501/07/2001
Bovard, Robert LeeBetty 7309/24/1996
Bourque, Raymond EMary Hanke6004/25/2001
Bourgeois, Rowland GilbertRuth 8101/11/2007
Boughton, Bernise L [Imboden]Wayne Boughton6304/12/1991
Boughton, W WilliamBernice Inboden7301/01/1996
Boucher, Victor Brian na11/10/2009
Botzman, Marlene Eva 4309/06/1998
Botzman, Wilberta M [Lackey]George M Botzman8208/21/2008
Botts Jr., Charles C.Marilyn 7803/09/2011
Botimer, Carrie E [Walker]Bruce Botimer3306/14/2005
Boston, Florence "Gerry" GHarry R (Bob) Boston7009/14/1996
Bostic, Melvin "Slim" RPat (Bessie Lee) 51Medina, Ohio05/22/2003
Bosley, Robert LCamilla 7904/08/2006