Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Peterson, Walter K.Eleanor Short92Springfield, Missouri08/26/2001
Pichichero, Grace F. [Avellino]Vincent Pichichero9204/06/2006
Poole, Howard R. 9212/10/1988
Reed, Helen M.Ray Reed9201/11/2005
Rey, Florence Arthur (1) Otto (2) Weaver (1) Rey (2)92Crossville, Tennessee01/30/2000
Rogers, Raymond 9210/30/1998
Root, James D.M. Helen 9204/27/1995
Sandercox, Elverda Mae [Arnold]Monroe John Ward Sandercox92Jacksonville, Florida03/15/2004
Stevens, Fay [Eagan]Fred Stevens9208/03/1994
Stuart, Grace Diane [Reid] 9211/12/1998
Taylor, Opal M. [Jeffries]James Taylor9208/25/2002
Thomas, Marjorie L. [Sommers]Melvin Z. Thomas92Copley, Ohio07/02/2006
Treap, Donald F.Gertrude 9204/11/1995
Vachon, Willaim J.Jeannette 9204/13/2005
Wagner, Mildred E. [Reynolds]Earl Wagner9210/26/2003
Wagner, Thelma [Darling]Brenton Wagner9207/14/1996
Weigand, John L.Bernice 9201/28/1995
Welch, Kathryn M. [Murphy]Robert H. Welch9201/05/2005
Wickland, Alice K.Nels Eric Wickland9212/13/2001
Williams, Beaulah G. 9207/30/1998