Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Rocco, Daisy M.Carl Sr. Rocco8608/18/1990
Rockwell, Ellwood "Rocky" B.Ruth 8602/05/2007
Ruttenberg, Helen F. [Friedrich]William Ruttenberg8609/13/2004
Saghy, Marian C. [Zimmer]Paul J. Saghy8610/31/1998
Schmidt, Daniel P.Ann 8603/03/2007
Schvartz, Della "W" Ruth [Wilkin]Larry Schvartz8610/10/2003
Seese, Genevieve A.Marvin Seese8603/13/2002
Ford, Henry "Hank" O.Mary Louise "Lou" 8606/20/2009
Simko, Anna M.Andrew A. Simko8607/14/1994
Gilmore, Betty L. 86Copley, Ohio06/29/2009
Householder, Betty L. [Kramer]James "Slim" Householder8605/20/2009
Starr, Mary [Cannon]Josiah Starr8607/17/1874
Taggart, Frank "Hank" L.Idabelle Hopper86Stow, Ohio09/11/2005
Tamminen, Armas J.Josephine (1) Margaret (2) 8605/27/1999
Taylor, Howard LewisBetty Curtice86North Port, Florida09/16/2006
Tucker, Alfred W.Mary E. Gray86Miamisburg, Ohio09/25/2001
Vocar, Gladys [Griminger]Chester (1) Joseph (2) Barker (1) Vocar (2)`8601/20/1995
Watson, Gertrude M.James Watson86Stow, Ohio12/02/1995
Weninger, Mathew F.Erma 8605/26/1998
Whalen, Jack C.Grace E. 8606/03/1991