Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Brimlow, Marguerite MLorenzo Brimlow9305/05/1999
Brightman, Carl LIrene 8502/23/2001
Brightman, Irene RCarl Brightman7908/22/1996
Brightman, Mark Andrew 5401/18/2010
Briggs, Frances [Atherton] 85Stow, Ohio01/09/1973
Briers, Claire L. Hube Briers52Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio09/06/1970
Brienzo, Delores Ann [Shaver]Michael J Brienzo6609/18/2006
Bridges, Curtis W.Linda 5601/30/2012
Bridges, Linda D. [Bibbee]Curt Bridges5702/17/2012
Brick, Albert JHazel 8210/08/1999
Brick, Albert J 8210/08/1999
Breyer, Christopher Martin 3510/22/2007
Brewster, Donald L 68Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio11/03/2004
Brewer, Barbara JDewitt Brewer9110/10/2008
Brewer, Bruce LHolly na10/07/1999
Brewer, Marlin "Spike" F 6008/03/1992
Brenn, James R 7908/19/2008
Brenn, James R. 7908/19/2008
Breiding, Edward PMildred 9007/07/2006
Brehm, John SPauline 7901/31/1992