Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Coulter, Carol M.Charles Vernon (1) Cale L. (2) Sheeser (1) Coulter (2)8206/08/2002
Coulter, James 4507/22/1993
Coulson, John L.Dottie 7505/04/2004
Coughenour, Charles 77na
Coughenour, Mildred Z. [Hensel]Charles Coughenour86Munroe Falls, Ohio11/21/2012
Cottrill, Joyce A.Donald Cottrill73Munroe Falls, Ohio04/17/2013
Cotter, Sherwood J.Dorothy 8404/30/2003
Costigan, Shirley Ann [Gorgon]J. Patrick Costigan4807/02/1994
Costen, Richard OwnbyDorothy Costen82Munroe Falls, Ohio03/31/2013
Costen, Richard OwnbyDorothy Costen82Stow, Ohio03/31/2013
Cosgrove, Hugh P.Edith 8905/10/2003
Cosgrove, JoAnn P. [Light] 5012/21/2002
Cosgrove, Edith F.Hugh "Patrick" Cosgrove8903/25/2010
Cortesi, Danny J.Til 9305/08/2011
Corrigan, Leo Sr. D.Ruth 6805/05/2003
Correia, Alice JeanEdwin "Tim" Correia7705/07/2002
Cornell, Leonard H.Margaret "Peg" 5912/20/2001
Corley, Glenna Irene 88Akron, Ohio04/21/2003
Corley, Joseph H.Glenna 7401/30/1991
Cork, Wayne A. 80Akron, OH04/11/2014