Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Suich, Virginia A. [Pawlus]John Suich84Stow, Ohio10/09/2012
Suits, Denise M. [Hendricks]Thomas Leonard Suits44Hampton, Virginia11/12/1996
Sullivan, John E.Dee 5910/30/2001
Sullivan, Lawrence Sr. J.Betty 81Sarasota, Florida12/21/2009
Sullivan, Delila JeanJohn Sullivan69Stow, OH09/17/2015
Sumerix, Roger L. 5307/27/1990
Summers, Sally A.Raymond "Red" Summers82Silver Lake, Ohio07/04/2007
Summers, Walter "Jack" O. 104Stow, OH04/04/2013
Sumner, Brenda L. 53Stow, OH10/08/2015
Sumwalt, Carolyn Jean [Hicks]Donald R. Sumwalt6811/01/1994
Sumwalt, Donald R. 8002/01/2004
Sunde, Jennifer 24Hammondsville, Ohio05/27/2007
Sunderland, Norma Ernestine [Holley]James W. Sunderland7407/16/1992
Surgen, Hudson "Nick" M. 6512/09/2003
Surgen, James DouglasJudy 68Stow, Ohio06/22/2010
Surgen, Margaret A. [Sadler]Hudson Surgen9206/29/2010
Surlas, Mary Ellen [Dagg] 67Stow, OH10/23/2015
Sutter, Lisa Emily 2108/23/2006
Sutter, Marjorie E. [Wilkerson]Willard "Bill" Sutterna04/20/2002
Sutton, Charles "Gene" E. 6710/13/1991