Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Chaney, Maxine 88Stow, Ohio01/10/2014
Chamberlin, Ann L. [Knowlton]Richard Chamberlin74Stow, OH09/24/2013
Chamberlain, Helene C. [Studt]Herbert Chamberlain6709/26/1997
Chamberlain, Richard Aann 6207/24/2000
Chamberlain, Robert FSharon 7112/07/1998
Chamberlain, Charlotte Sophronia 84Stow, OH10/27/1908
Cervellino, Anthony Jr. Joseph 36Akron, Ohio09/19/2008
Cervellino, Josephine MLouie Cervellino8110/29/2005
Cervellino, Louis R.Josephine 8809/21/2011
Cergol, Mary M. [Ondracek]Carl Cergol91na
Cerasuolo, Roger LSue 6408/01/1997
Cellio, Bridget A [Maine]William F Cellio93Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio02/03/2001
Cavavan, Donald LeeMarni 6111/12/2008
Causa, Frances Marie 7202/07/1998
Caulier, Pauline 101Orville, Ohio03/19/1997
Cauffield, Edwin WetmoreJane Hutchinson91Akron, Ohio06/03/2000
Caudill, Edna L. [Siddall]Wiley Odell Caudill9208/28/1999
Catterall, Marie Myron Catterall6906/29/2007
Catlin, John PVirginia 83Stow, Ohio11/28/1998
Catanese, Carl AMargherite Rich7305/16/1993