Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Carr, Kathleen M. [Moritz]Michael Carr5808/24/2008
Carpenter, Anne ElizabethDoyle L Carpenterna05/04/2007
Carpenter, Dorothy P.Paul Carpenter90Stow, OH06/02/2015
Carney, Harold "Skip" RSusan 6309/10/2003
Carnes, Virginia B [Reid]Russell Carnes8212/26/2005
Carnes, Russell RBlythe (1) Virginia (2) 7906/27/2002
Carman, Charles JerryPatsy 5607/25/1995
Carlyon, Richard Eunice 86Akron, Ohio05/23/1971
Carlyon, Richard Eunice Carlyon86Stow, Ohio05/23/1971
Carlyon, Adam R. 22Stow, OH07/27/2016
Carlson, Laurence DMarilyn Davis5505/05/1991
Carlson, Lottie Henry E Carlson9010/14/1994
Carlson, Melvin LDorothy 7703/18/2004
Carl, Judith AnneArthur Donald "AD" Carl7008/25/2014
Cargould, Ruth V 8511/02/2002
Cargould, Wilma Kathy 81na
Carfarelli, Irene G [Zito] 9410/29/2002
Cardwell, Joseph H. 67Stow, OH03/31/2016
Cardrelli, Dominic Anthony 0 - infant11/11/2011
Cardone, Betty MPatsy Cardone9611/09/2000