Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Castner, James R.Mella Castner63Stow, OH05/17/2014
Castillo, Dana (Chiquito) Pedro 0 - 2 weeks12/22/2000
Cassidy, James CAudrey 8307/03/2000
Cassidy, Ronald L 6212/04/2000
Cassidy, Thomas M 51Houston, Texas03/01/2002
Cassell, Viola V [Shackelford] 7802/12/1997
Cassell, Daril G.Marie 7204/24/2010
Caskey, V. Frances [Konyn]Raymond Caskey8107/27/2003
Cash, James MBessie 8706/08/1990
Casey, Leona "Lee" [Turek]Jack Casey8512/01/2010
Casebier, Dewey B.Mary 6702/05/2010
Case, Allen LEdna L. 8407/21/1991
Case, Edna LAllen Case8908/16/1996
Case, Mollie JWilliam P Case8610/28/2004
Casanova, Albert JRuth E (1) Ruth W (2) 8005/01/2006
Carver, Ruth Alice [Carlyon]Jasper Carl Carver8904/09/2007
Carver, J. CarlRuth Carver51Stow, Ohio01/16/1969
Caruso, Eabeth "Bette" Pete Caruso89Stow, OH02/08/2014
Carter, Dorothy AJoseph Carter7407/04/2000
Carter, Gary L 5109/01/2005