Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Southmayd, Erastus L.Anna (1) Clarissa (2) Wetmore (1) Rice (2)52Ohio10/10/1866
Southmayd, Leonard 81Stow, OHna
Sova, Keith S. 5206/10/2014
Sovil, Joe Sally 50Stow, Ohio07/02/1991
Soyk, Herbert A.Edna 8404/21/1992
Spaght, Oakley 91Stow, Ohio03/02/1971
Spaght, Harold Georgiana Spaght76La Grange Park, IL03/09/1980
Spalding, Helen M.John W. Spalding9702/03/2008
Spangenberger, Margaret Mrs. [Effland]Joe Spangenberger89Akron, Ohio06/29/2004
Sparker, Carl Jr. A.Charlotte 6805/01/2004
Sparr, Walter L. 8306/09/2004
Speaks, James P. 4806/29/1997
Spear, Evelyn E.Kenneth Spear8904/09/2002
Spears, Barbara J. 5803/17/1990
Speas, Ralph FrancisFredericka Kroeger9109/03/2006
Speas, Fredericka "Fritzie" MarieRalph Speas9209/28/2011
Spencer, Allan P.Noma 7302/24/2004
Spencer, Evaline M.Kenneth H. Spencer7809/16/2005
Spencer, Velva A. [McDonald]G. Kevin Spencer5207/02/2008
Spencer, John R.Sharon 6404/15/2010