Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Stanford, Leland EarlEdith M. 62Stow, Ohio03/24/1939
Stanley, Amy A. [DeFond]Robert Stanley6612/08/1993
Stanley, Joe E.Ethel Emogene 7504/22/2008
Stanley, Stephanie N. [Stanley] 1511/19/1999
Stanley, Marian J.Harold Stanley89Stow, Ohio10/29/2012
Stanley, Scott Joseph 56Stow, OH08/21/2016
Stansberry, Kenneth L.Virginia Moore72Copley, Ohio06/22/1999
Stansberry, Virginia [Moore]Kenneth L. Stansberry84Stow, Ohio10/13/2014
Starc, Gregory AlanElizabeth 51Cleveland, Ohio07/05/2010
Starcher, Alec "Gene" E.Penny 6106/28/2006
Starcher, Clyde Sr. D.Teddy 6401/31/2000
Starcher, Kaylonnie 0 - infant05/30/1999
Starcher, Larry L.Linda Ann 4912/26/2000
Starcher, Thelma "Teddy" E. [McCann]Clyde Starcher6702/20/2005
Starcher, Danny R.Elizabeth McCann6612/16/2009
Starcher, Dolores May [Thomas]Gene (1) William (2) Lepke (1) Starcher (2)7505/26/2012
Starcher, Dolores May [Thomas]William Starcher75Akron, Ohio05/26/2012
Starcher, Elizabeth R. [McCann]Danny Starcher69Stow, Ohio10/29/2014
Starkey, Jack R.Barbara 8002/28/2005
Starkey, Carol LeeJim Starkey71Akron, Ohio10/09/2013