Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Crookston, Patricia AnnJim Crookston85Stow, Ohio11/19/2016
Crock, Kathleen Rita [Haas]Clement J. Crock94Kent, Oh09/30/2013
Crock, Concetta A. 70Stow, OH03/16/2016
Crnkovich, John J.Janet Crnkovich90Hudson, Ohio03/16/2017
Crist, Margaret J. [Ritchie] 94Stow, Ohiona
Crist, Eileen J.Harry 9509/01/2014
Crispin, Harold C.Sheri 5403/05/1998
Cripple, Samuel 32Richmond, Kentucky05/07/1997
Crichton, Jack M.Martha 7701/27/2003
Crawford, Edsel L.Betty 7601/25/2000
Crawford, Irene ElizabethJoseph Crawford9806/27/2004
Crawford, Jewel A. [Wray]George W. Crawford9206/23/2001
Crawford, Ruth V.Woodrow Crawford8703/19/2004
Crawford, William P.Della Jean 7207/08/2003
Crawford, Woodrow WilsonRuth 8702/05/2006
Crawford, Edward Randall 42Stow, Ohio03/06/2013
Crawford, Richard RayburnJana Crawford (Franklin)75Stow, OH10/17/2015
Crane, Fred A.Oda 7101/19/1998
Crane, Oda CharlotteFred Crane86Stow, Ohio12/02/2014
Craig, Ruby [Yarger]John "Jack" Craig8902/14/2000