Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Taylor, Joy "Mitz" L. [Peyton]Mark Taylor3805/11/1998
Taylor, Margaret Emery (1) Alfred (2) Ferencz (1) Taylor (2)7502/24/2005
Taylor, Mary E.William H. Taylor8512/17/1992
Taylor, Opal M. [Jeffries]James Taylor9208/25/2002
Taylor, Vioma S. [Allenbaugh] 74Akron, Ohio02/09/1999
Taylor, Virginia Ginnie [Vincent]Edgar "Bud" Taylor8405/03/2005
Taylor, William "Bill" O. 70The Briarwood, Stow01/13/2015
Taylor, Donald E.Roberta Taylor85Stow, OH12/28/2015
Teeter, Gladys [Wrobel] 75Akron, OH06/30/2014
Teeter, James WallisGladys Teeter7708/04/2014
Tegarden, Grace E. [Drown]George H. Tegarden6811/13/1997
Tegovska, Zora Mihail Tegovska83Stow, OH01/15/2016
Tegovski, Mihail Zorka 7707/09/2005
Teitsworth, R. GordonShirley 6910/28/2009
Telegemeier, Iven L. [Traul]Clarence G. Telegemeier9706/26/2005
Telgemeier, Clarence G.Iven 8705/03/1994
Telscher, Frances E.Merril Telscher70Stow, Ohio05/07/2013
Tench, Veronica R. [Wadle]Alexander T. Tench60Cleveland, Ohio03/04/2004
Teodosio, Andrea Rose 22Buckeye, West Virginia02/12/2011
Teodosio, Alexander E.Anna Marie Teodosio90Stow, OH02/10/2015