Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Hess, Ruth Jeanne [Wagner]Robert Hess82Stow, OH04/05/2014
Stemple, Natalie R. [Yankovich]Lenny Stemple73Munroe Falls, Ohio04/06/2014
Ingersoll, Geraldine "Gerry" M.Leonard Ingersoll95Stow, OH04/08/2014
Cork, Wayne A. 80Akron, OH04/11/2014
Fiffick, Patti Ann [Hranilovic]Tom Fiffick59Stow, OH04/23/2014
Seaver, Lois 64Stow, OH04/26/2014
Gazdik, Irene T. [Siniawski]John Gazdik94Stow, OH04/27/2014
Williams, Willima "Bill" EmanuelRenee Williams94Stow, OH04/29/2014
Jones, Harold W.Michaleen Jones80Munroe Falls, Ohio05/01/2014
Nash, Sandra Kaye [Dietsch]Russell Nash66Stow, OH05/04/2014
Loree, Betty J.Robert "Bruce" Loree90Stow, OH05/05/2014
Kosmala, Jr., William A.Nancy Kosmala72Stow, OH05/11/2014
Tweedy, Jennifer L. 44Stow, OH05/13/2014
Castner, James R.Mella Castner63Stow, OH05/17/2014
Gross, Rosa Emil GrossnaStow, OH05/31/2014
Bailey, Carol L. [White]Jim Bailey69Stow, OH06/28/2014
Paxton, Donald W.Julie Paxton77Stow, OH08/02/2014
Krejsa, Charles R.Mary Ansbro Krejsa79Stow, OH08/06/2014
Martin, Martha Ann [Wilson]James Martin90Stow, OH08/07/2014
Mastrangelo, Patrick L.Julie Mastrangelo64Munroe Falls08/09/2014