Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Spears, Barbara J. 5803/17/1990
Thiffault, Jerry 5801/05/1997
Timms, Howard M. 5803/06/1991
Vannice, William Henry 58Cleveland, Ohio07/11/2007
Waterhouse, Winifred L. [Brandt]Frank Waterhouse5805/15/1998
Wilson, Robert E.Marian K. 5811/21/1992
Ziegler, Thomas J. 5803/20/1993
freed, susan E. [Cosner]Donald Freed5812/11/2009
Forgacs, Larry C.Betty 5812/06/2011
Pavetic, Barbara A. 58Cleveland, OH08/24/2012
Lam, Michael Robert 5806/01/2014
Halachoff, David John 58Stow, OH12/28/2015
McCord, David Bruce 58Stow, OH04/26/2016
Edge, Clarence W.Kathy Edge58Stow, OH07/24/2016
Conway-Dufford, Christine Stan Dufford58Stow, Ohio01/04/2008
Barnes, James Robert 58Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio04/13/2017
Brown, Sandy MaeJim Brown5709/13/1997
Berg, H. PeterEileen Deagan5701/13/2004
Canavan, Diane LJoel Canavan5705/19/2008
Christen, Barbara K [Shaver]George D Christen5703/21/1997