Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Corrigan, Leo Sr. D.Ruth 6805/05/2003
Correia, Alice JeanEdwin "Tim" Correia7705/07/2002
Cornell, Leonard H.Margaret "Peg" 5912/20/2001
Corley, Glenna Irene 88Akron, Ohio04/21/2003
Corley, Joseph H.Glenna 7401/30/1991
Cork, Wayne A. 80Akron, OH04/11/2014
Cores, Henry "Hank" H.Christine Parsons74Akron, Ohio02/10/2005
Corbitt, Mary R.Bill Corbitt7912/02/2001
Corbissero, Helen E.Michael Corbissero7010/27/2009
Corbissero, Michael A.Helen CorbisseronaAkron Beacon Journal07/15/2015
Corathers, Howard W.LaVerne Corathers (Hawkins)87Stow, Ohio04/07/2017
Copeland, Scott CarlePatricia M. Gregory4910/23/1991
Cope, Myrhline A.Earl V. Cope93Hartville, Ohio05/11/2005
Cooper, Peter L.Margaret Dudgeon61Akron, Ohio03/22/1996
Cooper, Teresa "Terry" [Yingling]David Cooper4509/03/2006
Cooper, Mary "Sue" Susan [Lioinski]David Cooper48Copley, Ohio02/02/2013
Coones, Frances V. [Evans]Lewis (1) Merritt (2) Byrd (1) Coones (2)8811/10/2001
Coon, Wilson S.Frances 8603/16/1991
Cooke, Lillian [Cooke] 7803/25/2005
Cook, Carolyn J. [Stang]Gerald Cook7404/21/2001