Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Calco, Sam AMarietta 8502/19/2002
Calco, Jeannette I [Palmer]Tony Calco6207/06/1990
Calco, Tony Jeannette 8411/02/2010
Calaway, Margaret E 7208/25/1994
Cain, Richard LMazel 7401/25/1997
Cain, Stephen W. 47Akron, Ohio02/24/1993
Cahill, Frank Sr. WCindy Boone5210/28/1994
Caesar, Virginia F [Waltz] 7608/16/1993
Cady, Patsy RJohn Cady5902/24/1992
Caccamo, James FBriana Marion5011/09/2002
Cable, Betty LJames Robert Cable5810/03/1997
Cable, Ethel [Fry]William W. Cable97North Manchester, Indiana09/07/2008
Cable, Joseph WRuby 7511/29/1992
Cable, Mildred MJames Cable9709/13/2004
Cable, William WEthel 83Ft. Wayne, Indianana
Byrne, Beatrice M [Dando]William D Byrne7912/05/2004
Byrne, Elinor "Nancy" [Hayward]Leroy (1) Michael (2) Linton (1) Byrne (2)6406/04/2007
Bydash, James S.Diane Bydash (Zuchelli)63Stow, OHna
Byars, Jessie Lillian [Garland]B.Y. Byars9009/03/1996
Byars, Dorothy [Messinna]Jerry Byars6911/21/2011