Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Cook, Timothy B.Cheryl 52Akron, Ohio01/14/2008
Cook, William E.Jean naFrancena
Cook, Ann Marie [Bartula]Joseph Cook4010/08/2009
Cook, Frank E.Garnett Cook79Stow, Ohio10/19/1971
Cook, Robert W.Darleen Cook (Lund)naMunroe Falls, OH03/08/2016
Conwell, Eugene "Whitey" C.Mildred Kirby77Ft. Wayne, Indiana08/05/1998
Conway-Dufford, Christine Stan Dufford58Stow, Ohio01/04/2008
Conway, Mary Ellen Ralph Conway65Stow, Ohio12/07/2002
Contrucci, Edith [Caniglia]Joseph A. Contrucci90Stow, Ohio10/22/2012
Conti, Mary G.Steve Conti9008/31/2000
Conti, Mariam Louisa [Hastler]Edward J. Conti7110/30/1998
Conti, Wilhelm "Bill" Mary S. 74Akron, Ohio11/01/2002
Conti, Robert DominicFaye Conti90Munroe Falls, OH08/27/2016
Contessa, Louis J.Joyce Barbour83Stow, OH07/26/2015
Conroy, Agnes F. [Ozonik]Francis P. Conroy75Stow, Ohio03/23/1996
Conrad, John "J.P." P. 4811/15/2004
Conrad, Marilyn O [Ruch]Thomas (1) Henry (2) John (3) Heiner (1) Wellman (2) Conrad (3)8206/06/2005
Conrad, Marilyn O. [Ruch]Thomas (1) Henry (2) John O. (3) Heiner (1) Wellman (2) Conrad (3)8206/06/2005
Conrad, John P.Donna Mae 8203/27/2010
Conley, Jr., Charles L.Helen Conley85Stow, Ohio06/11/2012