Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Cole, Doris Jean [Hughes]Harold G. Cole85Stow, OH03/21/2015
Colando, Terrance Z. 5404/29/2008
Coker, Margaret J.James Coker8910/10/2010
Coiner, Dorothy J. [Huffman]Paul M. Coiner8001/03/2002
Cogliandro, Stefano "Steve" 7901/12/1999
Coda, Lee Martin 4412/25/2004
Cocozzo, Joseph C.Clementine Palumbo73Akron, Ohio06/11/1992
Cockerham, Avery LeeGrace M. 8906/19/1994
Cockerham, Grace "Amazing Grace" M.Avery Lee Cockerham9404/27/2004
Cochran, Ethel L. [Yager]Morris Cochran9611/18/2005
Coad, Theodore "Ted" M.Edith "Edie" Coad64Stow, Ohio01/13/2017
Clunk, Ronald "Rick" IsonRose Marie 6309/16/2009
Clugh, Lorene B. [Barnes] 8101/02/2012
Clugh, Lorene B. 8101/02/2012
Clowser, Marie H.Tony Clowser52Stow, OH03/21/2014
Close, Donald S.Margaret (Peggy) Snyder7711/13/2007
Clemenson, Isabel L. [White]Lawrence E (1) Quentin (2) Inks (1) Clemenson (2)8506/13/2004
Clemenson, Quentin P.Isabel 7904/18/2000
Clegg, William F.Elizabeth 7610/16/1997
Clay, Kenneth CPearl 6209/27/2000