Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Walker, Willis Marilyn Walker80Stow, Oh12/08/2013
Walker, Vernon W. 92Stow, Ohio07/24/2014
Wall, Gene D.Lena Wall75Akron, Ohio11/16/2012
Wallace, Robert F.Mary K. 6905/16/1994
Wallace, William E.Alice 9405/09/2003
Wallace, Dennis D. 54Stow, Oh10/14/2013
Walter, Marian "Pat" C.Elmer Walter9005/11/2007
Walter, Eileen L. [Duska]Bob Walter6601/23/2002
Walter, Mansel S.Dorothy Barr74Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio08/15/1990
Walter, Mary L. [Horner] 6304/30/2002
Walter, James DavidCharlotte Ogrinc64Lake Wales, Florida08/31/2010
Walters, Herbert J.Phyllis 6203/14/1995
Walters, Steven A. 4703/23/2010
Walters, Paul A.Sandy 7605/16/2010
Walters, Robert H.Sandy Walters81Munroe Falls, Ohio03/21/2014
Walton, Alice Mae [Shaffer] 8710/22/2006
Walukonis, Edward R.Barbara Walukonis61Stow, OH09/22/2013
Walukonis, Edward R.Barbara Walukonis61Stow, Oh09/22/2013
Wands, Neva Margaret [Watkins]Herbert V. Wands82Akron, Ohio01/11/1996
Ward, Catherine "Becky" Bob WardnaSalem, Ohio06/27/1997