Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Wagner, Mdelene T.Harold P. Wagner6803/15/1992
Wagner, Mildred E. [Reynolds]Earl Wagner9210/26/2003
Wagner, Minnie ElizabethCarl Wagner8309/26/1999
Wagner, Ruth B.Jerome Wagner7611/20/2000
Wagner, Thelma [Darling]Brenton Wagner9207/14/1996
Wagner, Darrell DuaneValene 70Copley, Ohio01/18/1997
Wagner, Janis Ann [Mihelick]Mark Wagner56Stow, Ohio06/16/2013
Wagner, Marilyn Grace [Popham]Thomas W. Wagner, Sr.72Stow, Ohio10/23/2014
Waldron, Donna E. [Damore]David A. Waldron4411/11/1994
Walker, David L.Mildred C. 7509/10/2007
Walker, Joyce P.Harry R. Walker5307/15/2004
Walker, Michael C. 5503/31/1993
Walker, Neal G.Janet 7607/10/1997
Walker, Patrick J. Gaylyn 5605/24/2012
Walker, Patrick J.Gaylyn 56Akron, Ohio05/24/2012
Walker, Willis Marilyn Walker80Stow, Oh12/08/2013
Walker, Vernon W. 92Stow, Ohio07/24/2014
Wall, Gene D.Lena Wall75Akron, Ohio11/16/2012
Wallace, Robert F.Mary K. 6905/16/1994
Wallace, William E.Alice 9405/09/2003