Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Strauss, Doris J. [Robinson]Gerald Strauss8308/20/2001
Strayer, Leo T.Gertrude 9304/16/1995
Streharsky, Martin Jr. Helen 7708/30/2000
Streharsky, Irene [Stefanka]Steve Streharsky7707/26/2014
Strehlau, Karen [Hembury] 51Munroe Falls, Ohio11/01/1998
Stricker, Walter P.Joan Stricker91na
Strickland, Carol Ann [Pike]James Strickland6912/23/2008
Striver, Phyllis [Peebles]Don B. (1) Williard "Will" (2) Greenleaf (1) Striver (2)6904/25/2000
Stroble, Robert WarrenMarilyn Stroble (nee Stone)70Stow, OH05/21/2016
Strohl, Minerva Mae 7804/04/2000
Strong, Frances Rebecca [Unnold]James W. Strong8005/14/2005
Strong, James W.Frances 7901/07/2004
Strope, Joan F.Thom Strope8204/28/2007
Stroub, Stanley G. 6206/18/2003
Stroup, Howard W.Dolores J. 7704/10/1990
Stroup, Dolores J. [Hoover]Howard Stoup8208/03/2009
Strouse, Arthur G.Viola 8209/26/2007
Strouse, Viola G.Arthur Strouse8205/24/2008
Strunk, Harmon "Chet" C.Marilyn Lee 6608/23/1998
Strunk, Patricia Ann 5112/24/2007