Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Smith, Randy 62Stow02/26/2015
Smith, Theodore Mary Smith (Kurtz)95Cuyahoga Falls, OH03/27/2015
Smith, Penny J. [Pierson]Don SmithnaStow, OH02/15/2016
Smith, James H.Joan Smith (Skrocki)85Stow, OH03/06/2016
Smith, Geneva "Jenny" [Patete]William Smith83Cuyahoga Falls, Ohiona
Smith, Keith L.Dorothy SmithnaDavie, Florida07/15/2013
Smith, Marie A.Michael Smith62Stow, Ohio12/09/2010
Smoyer, Roy R.Lois 7310/07/2010
Smyth, Cheryl Lynne [Smyth] 5402/27/2001
Snowberger, Eleanor S. [Shade] 7607/07/1990
Snowberger, Irene A. [Smith]Harold Snowberger93Stow, OH08/19/2015
Snyder, Clarence W.Laura 9008/07/1995
Snyder, Donald L.Betty Lou Cox7503/04/1998
Snyder, Dorothy J. [Geisinger]Howard Snyder7207/07/2003
Snyder, E. Ruth [Mortimer]Charles Snyder9006/15/2007
Snyder, Florence Margaret [Baker]Jack Snyder10504/19/2009
Snyder, Holly Beth 2Akron, Ohio10/03/1992
Snyder, Richard H.Loretta 8201/23/2009
Snyder, Scott R. 23Akron, Ohio11/16/2002
Snyder, Howard F.Dorothy 8507/15/2010