Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Breiding, Edward PMildred 9007/07/2006
Brown, Edna [Lowe]Robert C Brown9008/28/2006
Byars, Jessie Lillian [Garland]B.Y. Byars9009/03/1996
Cannon, Ann J.Norman Cannon9003/30/1997
Caracciolo, Daisy MaeFrancisco J. Caracciolo9003/29/1995
Carlson, Lottie Henry E Carlson9010/14/1994
Childers, Mary Ruth [Stecher]Wilson M Childers90Stow, Ohio03/01/2003
Collins, Denver Sr. Blanche 9008/02/1994
Colville, Opal F. 9002/28/2000
Conti, Mary G.Steve Conti9008/31/2000
Farinacci, Margaret R. [Horvath]Joseph Farinacci9001/04/2006
Fichter, George A.Dorothea 9001/02/1993
Fitzgerald, James Elizabeth (1) Martha (2) Casenhiser (2)9001/11/2002
Flask, Mary A.James Flask9009/27/1995
Flohr, Rose O. 90na
French, Blanche I.Donald C. French9007/13/1999
Furry, Thelma C. [Seibert] 9003/22/2000
Gauer, Alta L.Harry Gauer90Stow, Ohio09/08/1992
Gleghorn, Edna Warren Gleghorn90Clarion, Pennsylvania08/20/2002
Graves, Ethel M. [Brake]Clyde V. Graves9003/27/1992