Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Peters, Frances J. [Konchan]Frederick Peters9112/06/2004
Pierce, May "Midge" E.James Pierce9101/05/2009
Reed, W. RayHelen 9108/17/2001
Reid, David Matilda 9107/31/2004
Ringler, Jane R. 9103/30/1998
Robinson, Vora M. 9109/01/1992
Root, Margaret HelenJames D. Root9112/02/1992
Russell, Alice Mae [Bishop]H. Wayne Russell91Stow, Ohio01/04/2006
Santee, Mildred M. [Lauer]Woody Santee9102/17/2008
Shafer, Mary C. [Seryak]Edward Shafer9101/19/1995
Bennington, J. "Kate" Kathryn [Croley]Walter H. Bennington91Copley, Ohio06/27/2009
Sekeres, Elmer CharlesBillie Gilmore9106/13/2009
Twohey, Betty J. [Anderson]Jack Twohey9107/08/2009
Smith, Sara O.Gerald Smith9104/28/1997
Soltis, Florence A. [Kruper]John A. Soltis91Aurora, Ohio01/16/2009
Speas, Ralph FrancisFredericka Kroeger9109/03/2006
Thiese, Wilford "Bill" L.Wynona 9107/02/1999
Tiborcz, Ida Marie 9112/21/2008
Vogel, Ruth N. [Robbins]Clarence Vogel9110/30/1993
Voth, Jeanette C.Albert Voth9105/25/1996