Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Habenschuss, Katharina Anton Habenschuss93Stow, Oh12/08/2013
Walker, Willis Marilyn Walker80Stow, Oh12/08/2013
DeSicy, Ronald L.Carolyn DeSicy76Stow, Oh12/09/2013
Chaney, Maxine 88Stow, Ohio01/10/2014
Penberthy III, Thomas RichardJoyce Penberthy61Monroe, NC01/12/2014
Painter, Ralph D.Beatrice Painter98Stow, Oh01/19/2014
Conklin, Helen B.Theodore J. Conklin87Munroe Falls, Ohio01/24/2014
Dunlap, Thelma L. [Weiss]Earl Dunlap86Munroe Falls, Ohio01/26/2014
Heimann, Wayne K.Betty Heimann91Woodsfield, Ohio01/26/2014
Kuster, Patricia Jean [Delaney]Howard KusternaOhio01/28/2014
Caruso, Elizabeth "Bette" Pete Caruso89Stow, OH02/08/2014
Reider, Robert M.Rita Reider85Stow, OH02/11/2014
Parkins, Patricia Jane [Rusyn]Donald Parkins62Stow, OH02/11/2014
Dailey, Kimberly Diane 27Stow, OH03/03/2014
Babbitt, Oscar June Elizabeth Quale Babbitt89Denton, MD03/06/2014
McCartney, Jeffrey A. 53Stow, OH03/16/2014
Tighe, Harry Ruth Ann Tighe87Stow, OH03/17/2014
Clowser, Marie H.Tony Clowser52Stow, OH03/21/2014
Walters, Robert H.Sandy Walters81Munroe Falls, Ohio03/21/2014
Dunning, John B.Claire Dunning90Margate, NJ03/24/2014