Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Clemenson, Isabel L. [White]Lawrence E (1) Quentin (2) Inks (1) Clemenson (2)8506/13/2004
Clemenson, Quentin P.Isabel 7904/18/2000
Clegg, William F.Elizabeth 7610/16/1997
Clay, Kenneth CPearl 6209/27/2000
Clay, Pearl Josephine Marie [Faux]Kenneth Clay76East Amherst, NYna
Claussen, Horst Lisa 7811/08/2008
Clause, August "Bud" SRuth 7407/10/1991
Clause, Nathan SMolly 8108/05/2000
Clason, Mary Lou [Simmons]James W. Clason7609/09/2009
Clarkson, John MPatricia 6311/13/1997
Clarke, Thomas IJeane 8207/05/2000
Clarke, Lola JeaneThomas Clarke8407/15/2009
Clark, Doris EEarl Clark8210/23/1990
Clark, Earl Sr. Gertrude (1) Doris (2) 8707/29/1994
Clark, Jack HPatsy 68Munroe Falls, Ohio03/23/2003
Clark, Kathryn "Kay" William (1) Earl (2) Norris (1) Clark (2)9302/12/2002
Clark, Patricia MPaul Clark7404/02/2006
Clark, Paul EPatricia 7108/27/2001
Clark, William WC. Louise 8112/10/1995
Clark, Robert "Bobby" L.Jill 5504/17/2007