Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Dean, Stewart Amer Jane 7710/14/1991
Knight, Marguerite P.Jack Knight7310/14/1991
Marinoff, Evanka 8110/19/1991
Carruthers, Helen VWilliam Carruthers8010/23/1991
Copeland, Scott CarlePatricia M. Gregory4910/23/1991
Holley, Nancy A.Curtis Holley6310/24/1991
Hausch, Suzanne "Sue" [Beck]Fred Hausch3410/29/1991
Fleming, Mary Lorain [Bellar]Wayne Fleming8311/06/1991
Lundstrom, Herbert M.Shirley 6511/18/1991
Tilton, Alberta Joseph Tilton7011/19/1991
Papp, Barbara J. [Faucett]John Papp4911/21/1991
Wells, Charles RichardAlpha 7911/22/1991
Oyster, Mark D.Carolyn 4311/24/1991
Rhoades, Edward RayEdna Brant70Stow, Ohio11/24/1991
Rhodes, Edward R.Edna Rhodes (Brant)70Stow, Ohio11/24/1991
Hastings, Ron Therese na11/25/1991
Miller, Lois Anita [Stewart]Charles Miller6711/26/1991
Capitos, Daniel Sharon 4111/29/1991
Warren, Ruth A. [Jones]William Warren6011/29/1991
Wolfe, Wiley R.Alice 8411/29/1991