Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Zurawsky, Joanne M. [Donald]Allen Zurawsky73Stow, OH07/19/2016
Harper, Carrie Elizabeth [Czirok]James Harper3707/19/2016
Stutzman, Shirley G. 80Munroe Falls, OH07/17/2016
King, Richard C.Beverly King83Stow, OH07/14/2016
Hunt, Wilda Dible [Warren]Hubert Hunt100Stow, OH07/10/2016
Werntz, Danyl L. 54Stow, OH07/09/2016
Overmyer, Paul A.Peggy Overmyer80Stow, OH07/06/2016
Leysock, Gregory P.Diana L. Leysock (nee Wilcox)62Stow, OH07/01/2016
Jegley, Bernard L.Carole Jegley79Stow, OH07/01/2016
Evans, Marjorie Edward Evans94Stow, OH06/25/2016
Adams, Judy 76Stow, OH06/21/2016
Dahl, Wesley NelsonJanet Dahl89Stow, OH06/16/2016
Mault, Marilyn 64Stow, OH06/16/2016
Parbel, Raymond L.Susan Loucks72Stow, OH06/14/2016
Melega, Mel Evelyn Melega (nee Williams)64Stow, OH06/14/2016
Shuman, John 69Stow, OH06/13/2016
Hrib, John B.Ruth Hrib81Stow, OH06/12/2016
Mueller, Carol Ann [Mason]Peter Mueller82Stow, OH06/11/2016
Rothacker, Anne M. [Simko]Rollin Rothacker89Stow, OH06/06/2016
Beitenman, Henry S.Carol BeitenmannaStow, OH06/02/2016