Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Norris, Owen Michael 1804/20/2018
Lawler, William Patrick 90Manchester, Ohio04/20/2018
Carroll, Bernice K. naStow, Ohio04/18/2018
Koneck, Katherine [Rittman]Andrew Koneck9404/17/2018
Tosko, Mary G.George Tosko83Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio04/16/2018
Klingler, Mona [Shank] 61Stow, Ohio04/16/2018
Neumann, Normagene Lavonne [Bray]Douglas Neumann88Akron, Ohio04/16/2018
Hirt, Mary T. 88Stow, Ohio04/16/2018
Kramer, Josephine M.George Kramer100Stow, Ohio04/10/2018
Dever, Edward A.Norma Dever86Stow, Ohio04/09/2018
Recht, David Marjorie Haberman Recht9004/06/2018
Linderman, Ford J.Katherine Linderman84Stow, Ohio04/05/2018
Davidson, Margaret "Peggy" S.James Davidson92Stow, Ohio04/04/2018
Djurisich, George Delores Djurisich86Stow, Ohio04/04/2018
Stephenson, Robert L. 90Stow, Ohio04/03/2018
Warner, Jill L. Michael D. Warner57Akron, Ohio04/02/2018
Baylor, Walter E.Patricia Baylor83Stow, Ohio04/02/2018
Diese, Bruce CharlesBeverly Diese89Stow, Ohio04/01/2018
Busby, Walda JeanJerry Busby8303/31/2018
Smicklevich, Bonnie L.Nick Smicklevich90Stow, Ohio03/31/2018