Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Cunningham, Audrey N.Foster George Cunningham9101/27/2015
Stone, Beulah Aleen [Hickman]William G. Stone9101/22/2015
Wolverton, Betty Jean [Greenshields]John Edward Wolverton91Stow, Ohio01/26/2015
Cunningham, Audrey N.Foster George Cunningham91Hudson01/27/2015
Robinson, Arbutus "Bobbie" LeoneDave Robinson91Stow03/04/2015
Nelson, Martin D.Helen Nelson91Stow, OH08/19/2015
Schnabel, Howard M.Betty Schnabel91Munroe Falls, OH09/16/2015
Mohler, Mary KathrynJames Mohler91Stow, OH09/28/2015
Lukens, Coralie Dene 91Munroe Falls, OH11/23/2015
Shaver, Clyde C.Arlene Shaver91Cuyahoga Falls, OH11/25/2015
Jager, Maria [Haber]Jaroslav Jager91Stow, OH12/02/2015
Clark, Richard 'Dick' R.Evelyn Clark91Stow, OH12/23/2015
Walburn, Virginia Louise [Poock]Richard E. Walburn91Stow, OH01/25/2016
Staudt, Patricia A.William Staudt91Stow, OH01/30/2016
Pappano, Grace [Nardella]Joe Pappano91Stow, OH03/06/2016
Schira, Winifred E.Edward Schira91Stow, OH05/29/2016
Atkins, Matilda "Tillie" [Perge]George Atkins91Stow, OH08/16/2016
Stricker, Walter P.Joan Stricker91na
Chapin, Raymond B.Carol Chapin91Hudson, Ohio12/14/2016
Hanlin, Grosvenor George Evelyn "Maxine" Arnold91Atwater, Ohio12/28/2016