Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Tweedy, Jennifer L. 44Stow, OH05/13/2014
Twitchell, Jean M. [Hyla] 8307/15/2009
Twohey, Betty J. [Anderson]Jack Twohey9107/08/2009
Twohey, Betty J. [Anderson]Jack Twohey9107/08/2009
Tyndall, Dennis J.Carol Tyndall6606/01/2018
Tyree, Donna [Archer]James Tyree6804/22/2004
Tyree, James "Coach" G.Donna 7902/12/2011
Uber, Anne M. [Comeriato]Paul E. Uber7403/05/1997
Uber, Paul E.Ann M. 7604/05/1998
Udvari, Helen M.George Udvari9009/18/2003
Ullman, Kenneth G.Rebecca Ullman81Stow, OH03/26/2014
Ulm, Mabel J. [Fowler]David Ulm8401/15/2020
Umbaugh, Glendon L.Margaret Howard7608/26/1999
Umbaugh, Margaret Glen Umbaugh99Stow, OH02/02/2016
Umbower, George D.Iris Umbower85Stow, OH08/27/2016
Underwood, Agnes V. [Bloom]Michael Underwood8511/15/2000
Underwood, Thelma A. [Underwood] 8411/01/1994
Underwood, William Sr. R.Bette 7704/11/2005
Underwood, Bette A.William Underwood8112/17/2011
Unk, Maxine [Freed]Raymond Unk8506/01/2009