Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Bruce, Catherine "Kitty" Noreen [McCabe]Robert Bruce5906/06/1998
Bruce, Edna GOrville Bruce7401/23/1992
Bruce, Robert CShirley 7211/14/2000
Bruce, Michael L.Julie Casto36Stow, Ohio04/16/2009
Bruce, Sydney E. 22Stow, Ohio01/24/2019
Bruce, Shirley Mae [Kumpel]Robert Bruce88Raleigh, North Carolina10/06/2019
Brubaker, Josephine D [D'Ianni]Franklin Brubaker86Home01/10/2007
Brubaker, Robert H 8607/30/1997
Brubaker, Richard R. 7011/01/2010
Brownfield, Andrew 24Iraq03/18/2004
Brown, Alfred "Brownie" Edna Mae Fredrick9508/22/2002
Brown, Anne MarieJack Brownna06/17/1993
Brown, Basil JRamona 6702/04/1997
Brown, Beth ELeroy Brown7909/08/2000
Brown, David WThora 7410/03/2005
Brown, Edna [Lowe]Robert C Brown9008/28/2006
Brown, Elaine Estelle 9111/06/2007
Brown, Howard LElnora 6012/17/1995
Brown, Jack OLucy (1) Ann (2) 7909/07/2000
Brown, John P 2812/29/1996