Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Carter, Willie Mae 92Akron, Ohio10/26/2002
Caudill, Edna L. [Siddall]Wiley Odell Caudill9208/28/1999
Cole, Alice Elizabeth [Christopher]Alonzo B. Cole92Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio01/19/2002
Cook, Mary E.Oscar L. "Red" Cook9204/13/2008
Crawford, Jewel A. [Wray]George W. Crawford9206/23/2001
Cundiff, Alta J.Perk Cundiff9201/01/2001
Didomenico, Rosaria Cosmo Didomenico9212/15/1998
Doria, Mary P. [Marinelli]William Doria9212/14/2000
Edminister, Lydia J. [Hamman]Harry Edminister9207/01/1996
Ewald, Henry T.Alice (1) Virginia (2) 9209/20/2001
Fogarty, Esther Sherwood Fogarty9205/20/2004
Fraser, John G.Glenda 9209/15/2002
French, Donald C.Blanche 9203/10/2000
Hashmi, Afsar Bano 92Karachi, Pakistan12/28/2003
Holladay, Frances F. [Moss]Forrest Holladay9211/14/1990
Holley, Walter D.Marie 9202/25/1992
Howell, Delmer C.Lena 9202/08/2009
Ingersoll, Leonard P.Gerry 9203/26/2004
Kinaitis, Leon Gizella 9203/03/2006
King, George M.Grace G. 92Munroe Falls, Ohio02/23/2005