Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Koesterer, Joseph B.Eleanor Koesterer93Stow, OH09/23/2015
Davies, Anna Mae [Bowman]Charles Davies93Munroe Falls, OH01/24/2016
Eagle, Goldie [Wilson]Harry Eagle93Stow, OH03/06/2016
Perich, Ruth E.James E. Perich93Stow, OH03/24/2016
Soha, June L.Stanley Soha93Stow, OH04/13/2016
Dailey, Bruce A.Alma Dailey93Stow, OH04/29/2016
Wildroudt, Mary OpalDonald Wildroudt93Worthington, Ohio02/17/2017
Williams, Howard F. 93Stow, Ohio03/04/2017
Williams, Howard F.Elizabeth Williams93Stow, Ohio03/04/2017
Nething, Helene S. 93Stow, Ohio03/04/2017
Campana, Thomas A.Lois Campana93Kent, Ohio03/15/2017
Gill, Kathleen J. 93Stow, Ohio03/18/2017
Taylor, Betty CatherineHoward Taylor93Akron, Ohio04/10/2017
Stadler, Leta M.Arthur Stadler93Stow, Ohio05/01/2017
Myers, Philip F.Rita Wilson Myers93Stow, Ohio06/11/2017
Moss, Sylvia Lewis Odell Moss9309/08/2017
Usrey, William G.Betty Usrey93Stow, Ohio11/15/2017
Canavan, Donald E.1. Meryl, 2. Shirley Canavan9311/23/2017
Wyant, Gladys Marie [Mathis]Dawnie R. Wyant93Stow, Ohio02/17/2018
Ruggles, Harry NewtonSally Ruggles93Stow, Ohio07/30/2018