Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Snyder, Thomas L.Rose Snyder84Munroe Falls, Ohio01/10/2019
Stinnett, Juell D. J.D.Irene Stinnett74Suffield, Ohio01/11/2019
Aaron , Lawrence A.Janet Aaron77Stow, Ohio01/13/2019
Frazier, Bonnie L.Dana Frazier70Kent, Ohio01/13/2019
Mertz, Thomas R.Bette MertznaAkron, Ohio01/14/2019
Slonaker, Patricia JeanKarl Slonaker78Stow, Ohio01/15/2019
Springston, Marian E.Ralph R. Springston9201/16/2019
Worthington, Janet GraceJack Worthington6301/16/2019
Booth, Carl E.Alice Booth (nee Turner)95Munroe Falls, Ohio01/16/2019
Straw, Mary Louise [Walsh]John Straw82Vancouver, WA01/16/2019
Young, Mark A.Laura Young55Akron, Ohio01/16/2019
Graham, Roger W.Rae Marie Graham (Smith)7601/17/2019
D'Alessio, Ronald L. 8301/18/2019
Miller, George M.Carol Miller75Stow, Ohio01/19/2019
Miller, George M.Carol Miller75Stow, Ohio01/19/2019
Geul, Gary MartinSuzanna Geul7501/19/2019
Walker, Gretchen [Myers]William "Bud" Walker100Hudson, Ohio01/19/2019
Norris, Mary ViolaJim Norris90Stow, Ohio01/20/2019
Schall, Harold GeorgeDonna Schall87Stow, Ohio01/21/2019
Michl, Kathy J.Gregory Michl54Stow, Ohio01/21/2019