Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Beyers, Ruth L.Raymond L. Beyers94Brimfield, Ohio01/03/2018
Baker, Louise J.George Baker9401/15/2018
Lorenzo, Kathryn "Katy" Joseph Lorenzo9401/29/2018
Koneck, Katherine [Rittman]Andrew Koneck9404/17/2018
Smith, Mary FrancesFred Perry94Wauchula, Florida06/05/2018
Dobson, Robert Madonna Dobson9406/16/2018
Kirstein, Kathe Fritz Kirstein94Munroe Falls, Ohio06/25/2018
Vadner Haas, Betty Richard H. Haas94Hudson, Ohio06/21/2018
Arbogast, William C.Margaret A. Arbogast94Dover, Ohio08/21/2018
Schafer, William E.Marguerite Schafer94Stow, Ohio12/13/2018
Silver, Lois E.Paul Silver94Stow, Ohio12/18/2018
Shepherd, Reta Y.Robert Shepherd94Stow, Ohio04/03/2019
Saltis, Doreen RosinaLawrence R. Saltis94Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio05/12/2019
Hood, Miriam Grace1. Louis "Moon," 2. Carl 1. Morocco, 2. Hood Jr.9407/05/2019
Mohler, Annabelle "Annie" [Hoskin]Jim Mohler94Munroe Falls, Ohio07/16/2019
Wiley, James A. 94Hudson, Ohio09/07/2019
Snyder, Alma L.George "Bud" Snyder9402/19/2020
Baker, Mildred V 9501/08/1999
Brown, Alfred "Brownie" Edna Mae Fredrick9508/22/2002
Miller, Dorothy G. [Miller] 9509/20/2000