Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Yacovazzi, Mary Luke Yacovazzi92Stow, OH03/16/2013
Burgan, Carol L. [Lewis]Dean Burgan92Stow, OH10/27/2014
Jacobs, Adeline M.Charles Jacobs92Cuyahoga Falls12/13/2014
Stuhldreher, Augustus "Gus" FrancisEleanor Marie Oberlin9205/31/2014
Junglen, Marc E. "Lucky"Martha Birchen9208/18/2014
Walker, Vernon W. 92Stow, Ohio07/24/2014
Taggart, Idabelle HopperFrank (Hank) Taggart9212/29/2014
Biscan, Rita M. [Koudelka]John J. Biscan92Stow, OH02/20/2015
McCartney, Angeline M. [Testa] 92Stow, OH04/18/2015
Belvedere, Louise S. 92Munroe Falls, OH04/30/2015
Bientz, Eleanore J.Robert F. Elder92Stow, OH12/27/2014
Vigar, Ceinwen P.George Vigar92Stow, OH02/01/2016
Vigar, Ceinwen "Connie" P. 92Stow, OH02/01/2016
Moushey, Elizabeth [Myers]James Moushey92Stow, OH02/27/2016
Baughard, Arthur C.Marjorie Baughard92Stow, OH03/12/2016
Cheronis, Gus C.Ann Cheronis92Stow, OH03/15/2016
Simmons, Gerald J.Beechie Simmons92Stow, OH04/23/2016
Bevan, Mary E. 92Munroe Falls, OH04/24/2016
Wilson, Mary Haney [Haney]Robert C. wilson92Stow, Ohio09/06/2016
Bokar, Ruth E. [Nee Vojtech]John Bokar92Stow, Ohio11/01/2016