Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Wlliams, Clyde FranklinCorrie Frances 7102/26/2007
Woerner, Daniel E.Diane Woerner6611/19/2014
Woerner, Adam CharlesRachael Woerner3711/20/2018
Wogan, Thomas WayneMargaret "Maggie" 8410/26/2009
Wolber, Hatsue [Osera]Samuel Wolber6107/26/2003
Wolber, Jr., Samuel L.Hatsue Wolber (Osera)76Munroe Falls, Ohio10/01/2018
Wolcott, Dorothy Mae [Kenty]Roger L. Wolcott94Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio01/14/2009
Wolf, Alvin ClairVirginia Drumm Wolfe100Stow, Ohio07/22/2012
Wolfcale, Roy C.Alice 10004/03/1999
Wolfe, Norma J. [Lutz]Clarke E. Wolfe6010/15/2003
Wolfe, Virginia M.Alvin C. Wolfe9001/24/2003
Wolfe, Wiley R.Alice 8411/29/1991
Wolfe, William "Tim" 4705/01/2004
Wolfe, Alma "Rosalie" James M. Wolfe78Roanoke, Texas12/14/2004
Wolfe, Harold L.Martha 88Akron, Ohio01/05/1995
Wolfe, Jack III G.Linda 5212/21/1995
Wolfe, James M.Alma 7011/17/1994
Wolfe, Jeffrey G. 5001/12/2009
Wolfe, Lois Jack G. Jr. Wolfe7611/27/1997
Wolfe, Martha V.Harold Wolfe87Tallmadge, Ohio11/15/1995