Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Bartley, Evelyn N [Harmon]Walter Bartley6112/12/1991
Bartley, Taylor Ann 0 - 2 months10/02/1997
Bartlett, W Paul 7105/21/2007
Bartlett, Margaret B [Almquist] 8212/01/1991
Bartlett, Gretchen H [Horst] 5907/19/1991
Bartlett, John RobertDonna 7510/10/2008
Bartlett, Parmalee Brice [Tucker] 7202/01/1991
Barstow, Robert EBeth 6710/14/2001
Barsody, Suzanne W.Tom Barsody54Stow, OH05/11/2015
Barry, William E.Connie Barry85Stow, Ohio09/21/2012
Barringer, Margaret Louella [Cain]Eber Barringer74Munroe Falls, Ohio11/07/1992
Barrett, Margaret B. 82Stow, Ohio12/01/1991
Barrett, Donald L.Colette Barrett83Munroe Falls, Ohio04/14/2019
Barrett, Ronald L.Colette Barett83Munroe Falls, Ohio04/14/2019
Barr, Edward FPatricia 6301/03/1994
Barr, Jane Lormor 8008/10/1997
Barr, Joan H [Harris] 6706/02/1993
Barr, Richard JLouise 8006/10/2001
Barr, Louise R. [Weakland]Dick Barr88Stow, Ohio09/03/2011
Barr, William J. 76Stow, Ohio10/12/1974