Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Winkelman, Amy B.Paul (1) Kenneth (2) Brooks (1) Winkleman (2)10010/19/1997
Winkler, Harold Jacqueline 74Copley, Ohio07/22/1997
Winters, Clifford C.June 6203/28/1998
Wiper, Donald PaulDemitra Wiper8304/26/2020
Wirick, Myron "Mike" E. 7510/06/1997
Wirth, William J.Elizabeth 7305/06/1996
Wirth, Elizabeth H.William J. Wirth90Stow, Ohio09/12/2012
Wise, Dewey D.Shirley 7311/11/1999
Wise, Ellen Margaret [MacKenzie]Merele E. Jr. Wise7510/19/2003
Wise, Morna J.Perry Franklin Wise7307/21/1993
Wise, Richard A.Carla 59Bloomington, Illinois04/24/2008
Wise, Wilbur Mearl 21South Vietnam01/27/1966
Wise, Mary E.Dewey Wise8703/11/2010
Wise, Michael C.Lorrie Reffner54Stow, OH07/25/2016
Wishart, Helen E.Frank Wishart9607/04/2019
Witek, June [Lacey]Edward Sr. Witek7908/17/2007
Withrow, Walter E.Eileen 8006/06/2003
Withrow, Eileen "Kaye" M.Walter Withrow8402/06/2012
Witner, Mildred W.George Witner8106/06/1995
Witner, Roberta "Betty" [Hill]Howard Witner77Chattanooga, Tennessee11/10/1994