Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Farrell, Marjorie JoanRobert "Bob" Farrell96Stow, Ohio01/09/2021
Bosko, Lillian K [Knorr]Steve Bosko97Stow, Ohio02/17/1993
Michael, Elizabeth O.Carroll L. Michael9707/02/1999
Cable, Ethel [Fry]William W. Cable97North Manchester, Indiana09/07/2008
Cable, Mildred MJames Cable9709/13/2004
Curenton-Elder, Nettie PearlRoy (1) Leland (2) Curenton (1) Elder (2)9708/21/2005
Depew, Ann Rebecca [Nelson]Walter Depew9710/08/2007
Edington, Florence A. 9701/10/1994
Hardy, Helen A. [Hardy] 9712/22/2008
Johnson, Ava E.Henry Johnson9709/05/2001
Kemp, Lucille "Ceil" [Buxton]James Kemp9704/27/2007
Massic, Laura C. [Myers]Chester Massic9711/29/2005
Myers, Marjory M. [Croft]Lew Myers9712/04/2005
Powers, Virginia Ted Powers9705/11/2008
Predico, Frank 97Phoenix, Arizonana
Recktenwald, Mary Joseph Recktenwald9705/17/2008
Shackelford, Albert A.Lucille 9701/11/2009
Smeltzer, Hazel E.John Smeltzer9712/10/2001
Spalding, Helen M.John W. Spalding9702/03/2008
Telegemeier, Iven L. [Traul]Clarence G. Telegemeier9706/26/2005