Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Gaylord, Lucy [Southmayd]Charles Gaylord53Stow, OHna
Green, Francis MarionEllen StownaAkron, OHna
Southmayd, Leonard 81Stow, OHna
Wetmore, Fred G. 86West Richfield, OHna
Cergol, Mary M. [Ondracek]Carl Cergol91na
Rohaley, Albert CharlesGloria Gareri87na
Marhofer, Leah A. 78Munroe Falls, Ohiona
Moore, Henry W. 77Akron, Ohio (Edwin Shaw Sanatorium)na
Bydash, James S.Diane Bydash (Zuchelli)63Stow, OHna
Warner, Mary Louise [Bozzo]William C. Warner94Munroe Falls, OHna
Clay, Pearl Josephine Marie [Faux]Kenneth Clay76East Amherst, NYna
Oddo, John EdwardLiliana Dziadek69Neuquen, Argentinana
Martucci, Susan [Miller]Phil Martucci62Stow, OHna
Lyle, Larry A. 75Stow, OHna
Stricker, Walter P.Joan Stricker91na
Pettit, Joshua Russell 1na
Bixler, Wilford B. 68Akron, Ohiona
Nickerson, Hallie 81na
Stow, George W.Adelle Messer84Grand Rapids, MIna
Syme, Bruce C.Sandra Syme66Stow, Ohiona