Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Adams, Ruby A.Harry D. Adams85Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio08/27/2010
Adams, Judy 76Stow, OH06/21/2016
Adams, Ross EdwardTwila Adams75Stow, Ohio01/23/2019
Adams, Thomas P. 6609/20/2020
Acord, Gary D. 67MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX11/25/2013
Ackerman, Jack K.Virginia 82Stow, Ohio08/02/1997
Ackerman, Virginia C.Jack 81Stow, Ohio08/14/1997
Acker, Donald CarverNora 81Stow, Ohio07/18/2003
Acker, Nora [May]Donald 86Stow, Ohio07/23/2007
Abshire, Ernest F.Beverly 64Stow, Ohio06/08/1996
Abernathy, Paul E. 8401/09/2003
Aber, Ellis "Jimmy" M. 96Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio04/09/2008
Abdoo, Joseph Marie 88Akron, Ohio09/02/1997
Abbott, Albert L.Marion Lindow82Akron, Ohio12/19/1992
Abbott, Franz D.Virginia 94Orlando, Florida03/12/1989
Abbott, Adele Albert Abbott9407/11/2011
Abbott, Marion Ruth [Lindow]Albert Abbott80Stow, Ohio08/09/1994
Abbott, Albert JamesAdele 9207/13/2008
Abbott, John D. 21Butler, PA11/11/1111
Abbott, George JosephKathleen Abbott77Stow, Ohio09/30/2008