Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Amadio, Thomas E.Sally Amadio9409/29/2014
Amann, Joseph C.Barbara 61Stow, Ohio01/05/1991
Amburn, Donna Mae [Pulley]Charles L. Pulley8704/14/2011
Ames, Albert M.Joanne Ames8704/20/2021
Amick, Irene Mildred [Radanovich]Kenneth Amick8403/13/2011
Amlung, Arthur F.Sarah 98Stow, Ohio12/08/1995
Amlung, Jacquelyn J.James 68Stow, Ohio01/02/2004
Amlung, Robert F. 22England04/14/1945
Amlung, Sarah J. [Hibbard]Arthur 82Akron, Ohio07/29/1981
Amlung, George na12/30/1921
Amlung, James R.Jackie Amlung88Stow, Ohio04/23/2017
Amoroso, Bethena LouGeorge(1), Joseph(2) Erdelyi (1)68Stow, Ohio08/23/2005
Amoroso, Joseph S.Bethena 68Stow, Ohio03/06/2002
Amweg, Ruth M. [Cain] 74Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio09/15/1997
Anderson, Anna MRobert Anderson72Copley, Ohio05/13/2002
Anderson, Donald K 56Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio01/05/2002
Anderson, Edna RElmer J. Anderson8506/09/1990
Anderson, Doris [Brown] 9305/07/2003
Anderson, John CMarianna 58Stow, Ohio03/15/2005
Anderson, John "Andy" HenryIeleen 8501/10/2004