Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Lange, Cora "Peggy" I. 9804/05/2005
Lautenschlager, Juanita L. [Zimmer]Gerald Lautenschlager9810/13/2006
McMillen, Eva M.Joseph A. McMillen9803/11/1999
Molster, Opal [McMillion]Robert Molster9811/24/2004
Olsen, Inga S. 9803/02/1994
Wetmore, Alton J.Hallie Major9801/10/1992
Worron, Richard G.Helen 9804/15/2005
McDonald, Clarabel Grace [Spacht]John. E. McDonald98Stow, Ohio08/15/2012
Painter, Ralph D.Beatrice Painter98Stow, Oh01/19/2014
Kempel, C. NormanEthel Albright98Cuyahoga Falls, OH05/27/2015
Emaneul, Rose Joan [Maimone]Anthony Emanuel98Stow, OH11/03/2015
Flogge, Verna M. [Trocchio]Andrew Flogge98Stow, OH12/05/2015
Good, Edna C. [Patterson]Leo Good98Stow, OH05/29/2016
Day, Elnora M. [Sitton]Marvin Day98Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio08/09/2017
Adlesic, Ralph Ardyth Adlesic (Moore)98Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio08/23/2017
Shaw, Cecelia E. [Friess]Robert Shaw98Stow, Ohio05/14/2018
Bosko, Lillian K [Knorr]Steve Bosko97Stow, Ohio02/17/1993
Michael, Elizabeth O.Carroll L. Michael9707/02/1999
Cable, Ethel [Fry]William W. Cable97North Manchester, Indiana09/07/2008
Cable, Mildred MJames Cable9709/13/2004