Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Donze, Janet C.Richard J. "Dick" Donze85Stow, Ohio01/17/2018
Baker, Louise J.George Baker9401/15/2018
Bender, Dale O.Marilyn Bender88Omaha, Nebraska01/15/2018
Call, Ronald W.Jackie Call (Tomlinson)79Stow, Ohio01/14/2018
Renick, Mary Jane [Clifford]Keith R. Renick8401/13/2018
Lloyd-Boesiger Dente, JuNell 1: Fred W., 2: Thomas F. 1: Boesiger, 2: Dente92Tallmadge, Ohio01/13/2018
DeFilippo, Vincent JamesMarie Victoria DeFilippo88Stow, Ohio01/12/2018
Iacomini, Norma [Walker, Pickard]Edward Iacomini90Stow, Ohio (Briarwood Assisted Living)01/12/2018
Seguin, Rita [Bernard]Roland J. Seguin, Sr.99Stow, Ohio01/10/2018
Toth, Joseph Peggy E. Toth (Bechtel)84Akron, Ohio01/09/2018
Aurand, Shirley A.Earl Aurand85Stow, Ohio01/08/2018
Price Sr., Lawrence L. 66Stow, Ohio01/07/2018
Brow, Roma ElaineDonald Francis Brow90Stow, Ohio01/07/2018
Thompson, Diane Lynn 76Stow, Ohio01/05/2018
Gerber Spaulding, Louise G. Alan Spaulding10101/04/2018
McCrady, James D.Karen McCrady83Stow, Ohio01/04/2018
Simmons, Robert "Goldie" Elsie Simmons80Stow, Ohio01/03/2018
Hinton, Doris Jane 85Stow, Ohio01/03/2018
Beyers, Ruth L.Raymond L. Beyers94Brimfield, Ohio01/03/2018
Parker Roberts, Nancy Donald Roberts86Stow, Ohio01/02/2018