Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Wunsch, Gemma [Amadio] 8703/11/1995
Wronkovich, Stephen Catherine Wronkovich81Macedonia, Ohio12/22/2014
Wright, Allen Jr. E.Elsie 7809/11/2003
Wright, Barbara S. 6303/27/2001
Wright, C. Helen [Chandler]William Wright8402/20/1998
Wright, Corbett W.Gertrude 8501/13/2005
Wright, Edna Bond [Byrd]George W. Wright94Athens, Alabama12/23/2003
Wright, Elsie "Nonie" MaeAllen Wright7708/09/2005
Wright, Jennifer Caitlyn 1301/13/2002
Wright, Mary E. [Hall]Norman Wright8311/11/2005
Wright, N. DavidBecky 4902/27/1999
Wright, Robert R.Joan Sturmi7509/21/2004
Wright, Gertrude Elizabeth [Schutte]Corbett Wright76Munroe Falls, Ohio07/20/1995
Wright, Theresa Elaine [Dennison]Richard Wright6510/14/2019
Wrayno, Joseph C.Betty 6802/16/1992
Worthington, Katherine "Tinka" JoanRandall Worthington, Sr.9212/04/2018
Worthington, Janet GraceJack Worthington6301/16/2019
Worron, Richard G.Helen 9804/15/2005
Workman, Mary D. 81Akron, Ohio05/09/1944
Worcester, Anna "Louise" [Cox]Howard Worcester6806/10/1994