Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Armbruster, Crystal L [Spath]Tood Armbruster3203/02/2010
Armenti, James AnthonyBernadine (1) Catherine (2) 83Tallmadge, Ohio09/19/2007
Armour, Nancy J. [Henderson]Richard Armour77Stow, OH08/19/2015
Armstrong, David ShermanEllen Lebovitz47California06/09/2003
Armstrong, Warren L.Claudia Armstrong69Stow, OH11/13/2013
Arnold, Carl MJoan E. Clark8311/27/1999
Arnold, Lloyd Cecil naGreat Lakes, Illinoisna
Arora, Narindar N 8110/28/1999
Arp, Albert "Ray" roselle H 7306/04/1999
Artino, Helen MJoseph S Artino8004/18/1996
Artz, Becky Gary Artz5308/17/2001
Ash, Barbara Jean [Lutian]Orland Ash91Stow, Ohio06/10/2013
Asher, Josephine [Petty]Opha J (1) William (2) Queen (1) Asher (2)8511/09/2004
Ashley, Harwood "Sonny" E.Jenny Ashley88Stow, OH11/13/2015
Ashmore-Kent, Doris Paul Ashmore86Stow, Ohio08/24/2017
Ashton, Eva J [Wright]Lee Ashton7001/18/2000
Ashworth, Kathryn Ann [Moore]Thomas Ashworth8306/16/2003
Ashworth, Thomas Jr. Kathryn Moore7010/30/1990
Astle, Richard LBetty 49Stow, Ohio11/12/1974
Atchison, Trudy [Smith] 68Munroe Falls, Ohio11/22/1999