Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Kulesza, Betty [Wakefield] 86Stow, OH06/13/2015
Magaro, James Robert 70Munroe Falls, OH06/13/2015
Eisenzimmer Jr., Paul E.Kristine EisenzimmernaStow, OH06/12/2015
Flowers, Raymond IBarbara Flowers83Stow, OH06/11/2015
Hill, Yvonne M.William R. Hill80Stow, OH06/10/2015
Young, Mavis D. 88Cuyahgoa Falls, OH06/06/2015
Von Gunten, Dale H. 31Stow, Oh06/05/2015
McNamee, Susan E. [Waick-man]Daniel McNamee62Stow, OH06/05/2015
Baldassarre, Eleanor J. 82Stow, OH06/04/2015
Matthews, Marian Frances [Monroe]Gordon J. Matthews85Stow, OH06/03/2015
Carpenter, Dorothy P.Paul Carpenter90Stow, OH06/02/2015
Kurtz, Carolyn J. 54Cuyahoga Falls, OH06/02/2015
Wacker, Marie E. [Swartz]Clarence Wacker90Munroe Falls, OH06/01/2015
Dimoff, Nicholas JohnEllen Dimoff64Stow, OH05/30/2015
Marinko, Linda SueMark Marinko69Stow, OH05/28/2015
Kruse, James F.Michelle Kruse69Munroe Falls, OH05/27/2015
Kempel, C. NormanEthel Albright98Cuyahoga Falls, OH05/27/2015
Bell, Roger BrentLiana Bell63Akron, OH05/27/2015
Warren, Anne Marie 62Stow, OH05/26/2015
Doerman, Juanita (Judy) M.Charles E. McGregor90Munroe Falls, OH05/26/2015