Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Kennedy, Ronald James 69Stow, OH04/08/2016
Johnson, George F. 88Stow, OH04/07/2016
Donatelli, Mario Linda Donatelli70Stow, OH04/07/2016
Breed, Bonnie Jean [Schultz]Don Breed88Stow, OH03/31/2016
Cardwell, Joseph H. 67Stow, OH03/31/2016
Meine, Frederick W.Lois Meine75Munroe Falls, OH03/30/2016
Paradis, Kenneth R.Leonra Paradis85Stow, OH03/28/2016
Willingham, Joseph M.Donna Willingham77Munroe Falls, OH03/28/2016
Takacs, Eva Dezsoe Takacs82Stow, OH03/26/2016
Perich, Ruth E.James E. Perich93Stow, OH03/24/2016
Crock, Concetta A. 70Stow, OH03/16/2016
Cheronis, Gus C.Ann Cheronis92Stow, OH03/15/2016
Kibble, Irene N. [Narmore]Thomas Kibble77Stow, OH03/15/2016
Baughard, Arthur C.Marjorie Baughard92Stow, OH03/12/2016
Stone, Dylan R. 19Stow, OH03/11/2016
Cook, Robert W.Darleen Cook (Lund)naMunroe Falls, OH03/08/2016
Fitts, William S. 69Stow, OH03/06/2016
Eagle, Goldie [Wilson]Harry Eagle93Stow, OH03/06/2016
Pappano, Grace [Nardella]Joe Pappano91Stow, OH03/06/2016
Smith, James H.Joan Smith (Skrocki)85Stow, OH03/06/2016