Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
DeSario, Michael JosephSun Cha 67Stow10/02/2016
Drayer, Roger A. 66Cuyahoga Falls, OH10/02/2016
Griffith, Eleanor Edison "Bud" Griffith85Stow10/02/2016
Jarvis Jr., Charles "Bud" SpurgeonNancy Peercy-Jarvis79Stow09/29/2016
Blakemore, Michael S.Susan 64Stow09/27/2016
Shillingburg, Carol [Underdown]Carl Shillingburg8809/26/2016
Secrest, Dorothy [Hill]Edsel Secrest85Stow09/22/2016
Daniels, Robert WilliamPhyllis Provence-Daniels80Sarasota, Fl09/19/2016
Daniels, Robert WilliamPhyllis Provence-Daniels80Sarasota, FL09/19/2016
Buehrle, Marjorie Ruth [Powers]Albert Buehrle94Akron09/14/2016
Webb, Elizabeth M. [Dennis](1) Virgil (2) Ralph (3) Louis (4) Albert (1) Lundgren (2) Redding (3) Frost (4) Webb102Stow09/14/2016
Boose, William Lee 43Akron09/11/2016
Ollis, Barbara J. [Chomik]Orville Ollis69Stow09/11/2016
Miller, William G.Judy Shaw76Stow, Ohio09/08/2016
Wilson, Mary Haney [Haney]Robert C. wilson92Stow, Ohio09/06/2016
Christopher, Marguerite E. "Muggs"Marlowe N. Christopher83Stow, Ohio09/03/2016
Mullett, Daniel Anthony 70Stow08/31/2016
Radcliff, Dora Grace [Wilkinson]Vernon Chester Radcliff89Stow, Ohio08/31/2016
Murphy, Paul T.Joanne Murphy87Stow08/31/2016
Richert, Eugene Charles "Gino"Dorothy Myers90Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio08/30/2016