Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Boucher, Victor Brian na11/10/2009
Worcester, Byron "Bunny" NelsonMary Joanne nana
Powell, Donald A.Denise na12/01/2009
Perkins, Arthur G.Eleanor na11/07/2011
deCardenas, Jorge AJanet Sue Garrettnana
Kuster, Patricia Jean [Delaney]Howard KusternaOhio01/28/2014
Green, Francis MarionEllen StownaAkron, OHna
Gross, Rosa Emil GrossnaStow, OH05/31/2014
Austin, Olivia Munroe na11/05/2014
Parker, Barry L.Penny Parkerna11/19/2014
Bartley, Taylor Ann 0 - 2 months10/02/1997
Basso, Lily Irene 0 - infant05/30/2003
Bastock, Lauren Nicole Marie 0 - newborn02/13/1995
Castillo, Dana (Chiquito) Pedro 0 - 2 weeks12/22/2000
Dean, Aidan Lee 0 - infant06/07/2004
Harper, Riley Grace 0 - infantDayton, Ohio01/29/2001
Juersivich, Chaldler "Buddy" A. 0 - 5 months08/04/1999
Lowery, Rebecca Ann 0 - stillborn12/11/1991
Marimon, Tyler 0 - 4 monthsCleveland, Ohio01/05/1999
Morris, Joshua 0 - infant01/08/1994