Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Cherry, David O.Christy 50Stow, Ohio10/19/2014
Dawes, Dorothy A.Arthur S. Dawes8510/17/2014
Stansberry, Virginia [Moore]Kenneth L. Stansberry84Stow, Ohio10/13/2014
McMunn, Bill Marjorie Powell85Memphis, Tennessee10/12/2014
Anderson, Diane L. 6310/11/2014
Duff, David C.Clara 86Stow, Ohio10/09/2014
Tabor, Madeline L. [McIntire]Richard Tabor7310/08/2014
Hamric, Zelma H.Victor 8310/05/2014
Franks, James A. 6610/05/2014
Gates, Mona Jean [Moose]Earl J. Gates87Stow, Ohio10/04/2014
German, Sr., Philip E.Nancy Hutchison70Lakeside-Marblehead, OH10/04/2014
Turk, Cynthia [Miller]David Turk6910/03/2014
Novak, Dorothy Jane [Vicha]William Novak89Stow, Ohio10/02/2014
Robertson, Angela C. [Tassone]Timothy Robertson, Sr.6310/02/2014
Wyle, III, James R.Debbie Bales69New Castle, PA10/02/2014
Beckwith, Albert C.Harriotte Coke Beckwith8610/01/2014
Segin, Lewis Melda I. (Dotson) Segin86Akron, Ohio09/30/2014
Amadio, Thomas E.Sally Amadio9409/29/2014
Wilcox, Jr., Max G. 85Stow, Ohio09/28/2014
Anderson, Ieleen [Morehouse]John Henry Anderson9009/27/2014