Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Shirhal, Linda J. [Macaluso] 67Stow, OH11/04/2015
Emauneul, Rose Joan [Maimone]Anthony Emanuel98Stow, OH11/03/2015
Koslowski, Andrew A.Karen Koslowski-Cahoon68Akron, OH11/01/2015
Tomasello, Yolanda E.Joseph Tomasello85Stow, OH11/01/2015
Nunn, Shirley [Busch] 76Stow, OH10/31/2015
Whalen, Dennis M.Linda WhalennaOcala, FL10/29/2015
Espenschied, Kyle A. 25Stow, OH10/28/2015
Fleming, Patricia Ann [Eppley]Robert Fleming81Stow, OH10/26/2015
Robertson, Gloria Lula [Varmadoo]Leonard Robertson88Stow, OH10/24/2015
Surlas, Mary Ellen [Dagg] 67Stow, OH10/23/2015
Denholm, Ronald P.LuAnn Denholm54North Carolina10/23/2015
Hutchinson, Thomas HaroldDeanna Hutchinson81Stow, OH10/22/2015
Dodd, Marylou Gordon Dodd76Munroe Falls, OH10/20/2015
Thompson, Hazel I [Myers] 90Stow, OH10/20/2015
Crawford, Richard RayburnJana Crawford (Franklin)75Stow, OH10/17/2015
Rafalko, Anthony T. 77Stow, OH10/15/2015
Quinn, Christopher BryanCarrie Quinn54Stow, OH10/12/2015
McLeland, Rita J. [Choate]Joseph C. McLeland87Munroe Falls, OH10/10/2015
Sumner, Brenda L. 53Stow, OH10/08/2015
Berryhill, Richard LyleGrace Berryhill77Stow, OH10/07/2015