Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Wilson, Diane Marie [Palone]Joseph Wilson61Stow, OH05/17/2015
Anna, Louise [Vernell]Joseph Vernell84Stow, OH05/15/2015
Vernell, Louise AnnaJoseph Vernell84Stow, OH05/15/2015
Bullock, Ruthe 76Stow, OH05/14/2015
Bergeron, Eileen M. [Dolan]Arthur Bergeron51Cuyahoga Falls, OH05/14/2015
Marsh, Doris LeeDonald Marsh77Stow, OH05/13/2015
Thiese, Jacquelyn (Jackie) L.Jim Thiese81Stow, OH05/13/2015
Childs, Anna F.Gene Childs88Stow, OH05/11/2015
Barsody, Suzanne W.Tom Barsody54Stow, OH05/11/2015
Labbe, John VincentJoan Labbe (Ryan)66Munroe Falls, OH05/09/2015
Williams, Paul MountHelen Virginia Carlson85Stow, OH05/06/2015
Hooker, Richard K. 53Stow, OH05/06/2015
Hooker, Richard K. 53Stow, OH05/06/2015
Ranallo, Linda K. [Lowe]Bill RanallonaStow, OH05/05/2015
Crosier, Shirley Jim Crosier79Stow, OH05/04/2015
Kruse, Linda Sue [Humbert]Ron KrusenaStow, OH05/04/2015
George, John Stewart "Stu" 57Bay Village, OH05/02/2015
Schneider, Ian E. 26Stow, OH05/01/2015
Pieplow-McNulty , Marissa Cheyenne [Pieplow]Sean McNulty26Stow, OH05/01/2015
Belvedere, Louise S. 92Munroe Falls, OH04/30/2015