Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Audin, Alan D.Ruth Audin87Stow, Ohio06/23/2018
Aufmuth, Agnes E [Shenk]Raymond B Aufmuth8608/28/2006
Aufmuth, Mary Beth 64Stow, Ohio05/25/2018
Augsburger, Nila C. [Countryman] 82Stow, OH11/17/2013
Augustus, Melvin L 7712/04/2005
Augustus, Norma J.Melvin Augustus8106/20/2014
Aurand, Mary Lou [Brown]Edward J Aurand7712/25/2005
Aurand, Shirley A.Earl Aurand85Stow, Ohio01/08/2018
Aurilio, Alex S.Ruth Aurilo89Stow, OH02/24/2016
Austin, Charles VEvelyn Bell6507/01/2001
Austin, Evelyn [Bell]Charles V Austin6910/23/2006
Austin, Hollis "Jack" Jeanne 7910/25/2000
Austin, Olivia Munroe na11/05/2014
Avaritt, Mildred T [Trego] 7611/24/1992
Avedisian, Henrietta [Hensley]Zaven Avedisian86Stow, Ohio09/15/2014
Ayers, Brenda L. 78Munroe Falls, Ohio12/11/1993
Ayers, Naola [Burke]Joe P. Ayers69Lake Wales, Florida08/29/1991
Ayers, Rae EMarion Ayers9907/12/2004
Ayers, Richard EMargaret 7802/28/1998
Ayers, Margaret P. 8709/21/2010