Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Green, Frank AlbertMinnie A. Geddis9911/15/1968
Green, Frank A. 9911/16/1968
Gaylord, Florence E. 85Stow, Ohio01/11/1969
Carver, J. CarlRuth Carver51Stow, Ohio01/16/1969
Day, Flossie M.L.K. Day71Venice, Florida02/19/1969
Porter, Richard Lee 19Quang Tri, South Vietnam04/07/1969
Whittington, Anna frances 4504/12/1969
Kimpton, Walter Anna Kimpton83Stow, Ohio04/13/1969
Wetmore, Fred Green 8604/25/1969
Bullock, Guy E.Viola Bullock78Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio08/04/1969
Hibbard, Earl L.Lucy Adelle Williamson60Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio11/04/1969
Linnen, Benedict II J. 21Thau Thien, South Vietnam11/15/1969
Mountz, John D.Patricia Mountz39Alameda, CA11/21/1969
Ritchie, Nathan L.Nellie 75Stow, Ohio02/07/1970
Curry, Bertha D. 88Stow, Ohio04/10/1970
Slusser, Harvey B. 89Akron, Ohio05/06/1970
Call, Howard M. 8205/08/1970
Anderson, J. R. 77Stow, Ohio06/22/1970
Hawk, Millicent C. [Cox]Forest E. Hawk86Stow, Ohio07/28/1970
Briers, Claire L. Hube Briers52Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio09/06/1970